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Terms & Policies for Usage of Our Website

Please Read Carefully

These are the Terms of Use of Curtis Fords Co., Ltd.’s (the Company) services. These Terms shall exist between the Company and the Owners of the properties and/or agents/ subagents whether commissioned or not by the Owner (“Owner”) that post properties’ information on the Company’s website. These properties posted on the Company’s website shall hereinafter be referred to as “the Properties / the Property”.

1.  If the Company offers any prospective clients for the sale/or renting out of your Properties, the Owner shall pay commission to the Company whenever the Company sells/rents out any of the properties to those clients.

2.  The Owner agrees that whenever the Company sells/rents out any of the Owner’s listed Properties, a commission fee shall be paid by the Owner as follows, whichever / all of which is applicable:

– The Owner agrees to pay the Company a commission fee of 3 (three) % (per cent) of the selling price

– The Owner agrees to pay the Company every year, (in the case that the lessee rents the property for over one year), a commission fee of 1 (one) month’s rental fee, including Value Added Tax.

The Owner agrees to remit the above mentioned commission fee to the Company within 7 days of the transfer of property ownership/signing of the lease agreement, whichever is appropriate.

3. Prior to the commencement of work, the Owner shall receive the Company’s payment conditions applicable to the Property which the Company will send to the Owner by E-mail.  The Company shall only begin work after these payment conditions have been mutually agreed upon.

4. The Owner guarantees that the Company will have no liability for claims, damages or expenses (including allocated costs of in-house counsel and/or other legal fees and costs) arising from selling/renting out the Property, and the Owner shall be fully responsible and liable and fully indemnify the Company for/against any claims, legal proceedings, legal action, damages or loss incurred related thereto.

 5. This Agreement contains warranty and liability disclaimers. By using this site, you accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Company without any reservations, modifications, additions, and/or deletions.

6. If the Owner does not agree to the Terms of Use contained in these Terms and Policies, you are not authorized to use the site. You may be denied access to the site, with or without prior notice to you if you do not comply with any provision of the Company.

7. Upon submission of the Property, the Owner accepts without qualification and fully consents that the Company shall have the full right at all times to remove, alter, amend, modify, delete, add and/or limit any parts of the properties’ information at any time without having to inform or give any form of notice to the Owner.

8. Upon submission of the Properties’ information and/or any other information to the Company, the Owner expressly waives any confidentiality attributed to the information and expressly consents to reproduction, dissemination, adaptation and/or distribution of the information, partially and/or wholly. The copyright of any information submitted to the Company and subsequently published on the Company’s website shall be with the Company.

9. By submission of any Property by the Owner, the Owner acknowledges that these Terms & Policies have been read, understood and agreed to in their entirety and without qualification. These Terms & Policies are intended to be legally binding and enforceable between the Owner and the Company at all times, and in any event.

Your Acceptance of these Terms & Policies:

By using this Site, the Owner signifies his/her/it’s full acceptance without qualification of the Company’s Terms & Policies. The Company reserves the right, at the Company’s full discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms & Policies at any time and visitors are encouraged to review these Terms & Policies from time to time.